Instance Property


Size specified in the output file as the natural dimensions of the visual media data for display.


var naturalSize: CGSize { get set }


If the default value, CGSizeZero, is specified, the naturalSize of the track corresponding to the receiver is set according to dimensions indicated by the format descriptions that are ultimately written to the output track.

See Also

Configuring a Writer Input

var metadata: [AVMetadataItem]

The collection of track-level metadata to associate with the asset and for carriage in the output file.

var transform: CGAffineTransform

The transform specified in the output file as the preferred transformation of the visual media data for display purposes.

var mediaTimeScale: CMTimeScale

Specifies the media time scale to be used.

var expectsMediaDataInRealTime: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the input should tailor its processing of media data for real-time sources.

var marksOutputTrackAsEnabled: Bool

Returns whether the receiver’s track is enabled.

var preferredVolume: Float

The preferred volume level for storing in the output file.