Instance Method


Validates the association between the tracks and their corresponding pair of inputs.


- (BOOL)canAddTrackAssociationWithTrackOfInput:(AVAssetWriterInput *)input type:(NSString *)trackAssociationType;



The instance of AVAssetWriterInput with a corresponding track to associate with track corresponding with the receiver.


The type of track association to test. Common track association types, such as AVTrackAssociationTypeTimecode are defined in Track Association Types.

Return Value

YES if the track association can be added; otherwise NO.


If the type of association requires tracks of specific media types that don't match the media types of the inputs, or if the output file type does not support track associations, returns NO.

See Also

Managing Track Associations

- addTrackAssociationWithTrackOfInput:type:

Associates the track corresponding to the specified input with the track corresponding with the receiver.