An object that defines an interface for writing metadata packaged as timed metadata groups into a single asset writer input.


class AVAssetWriterInputMetadataAdaptor : NSObject


Creating Input Metadata Adaptors

init(assetWriterInput: AVAssetWriterInput)

Initializes a new timed metadata group adaptor to receive timed metadata groups to write to an output file.

Appending Timed Metadata Groups

func append(AVTimedMetadataGroup) -> Bool

Appends a timed metadata group to the receiver.

Getting the Input

var assetWriterInput: AVAssetWriterInput

The asset writer input to append timed metadata groups to.


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Exporting Video to Alternative Formats

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class AVAssetExportSession

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class AVAssetWriter

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class AVAssetWriterInput

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let AVVideoTransferFunction_ITU_R_2100_HLG: String

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class AVOutputSettingsAssistant

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class AVAssetWriterInputGroup

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class AVAssetWriterInputPixelBufferAdaptor

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