A structure representing two orthogonal vectors that describe the orientation of the listener in 3D space.


struct AVAudio3DVectorOrientation


Defining a Vector Orientation


Initializes a 3D vector orientation instance.

init(forward: AVAudio3DVector, up: AVAudio3DVector)

Initializes a 3D vector orientation instance with forward and up 3D vectors.

Getting Vector Orientation Properties

var forward: AVAudio3DVector

The forward vector points in the direction that the listener is facing.

var up: AVAudio3DVector

The up vector is orthogonal to the forward vector and points upwards from the listener’s head.

See Also

3D Environment Options

class AVAudioEnvironmentDistanceAttenuationParameters

A class that specifies the attenuation distance, the gradual loss in audio intensity, and other characteristics.

class AVAudioEnvironmentNode

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class AVAudioEnvironmentReverbParameters

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protocol AVAudio3DMixing

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struct AVAudio3DAngularOrientation

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struct AVAudio3DPoint

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typealias AVAudio3DVector

A structure representing a vector in 3D space.