A buffer of audio data and its format.


class AVAudioBuffer : NSObject


Getting the Buffer Format

var format: AVAudioFormat

The format of the audio in the buffer.

Getting the Audio Buffers

var audioBufferList: UnsafePointer<AudioBufferList>

The buffer's underlying AudioBufferList.

var mutableAudioBufferList: UnsafeMutablePointer<AudioBufferList>

A mutable version of the buffer's underlying AudioBufferList.

Specialized Audio Buffers

class AVAudioCompressedBuffer

A subclass of AVAudioBuffer for use with compressed audio formats.

class AVAudioPCMBuffer

A subclass of AVAudioBuffer, for use with PCM audio formats.

See Also

First Steps

class AVAudioFile

An audio file that can be opened for reading or writing.

class AVAudioTime

A class used by the audio engine to represent time.

Audio Settings and Formats

Define audio data with these constants and classes.