A buffer of audio data and its format.


class AVAudioBuffer : NSObject


Getting the Buffer Format

var format: AVAudioFormat

The format of the audio in the buffer.

Getting the Audio Buffers

var audioBufferList: UnsafePointer<AudioBufferList>

The buffer's underlying AudioBufferList.

var mutableAudioBufferList: UnsafeMutablePointer<AudioBufferList>

A mutable version of the buffer's underlying AudioBufferList.

Specialized Audio Buffers

class AVAudioCompressedBuffer

A subclass of AVAudioBuffer for use with compressed audio formats.

class AVAudioPCMBuffer

A subclass of AVAudioBuffer, for use with PCM audio formats.

See Also

First Steps

class AVAudioFile

An audio file that can be opened for reading or writing.

class AVAudioTime

A class used by the audio engine to represent time.

Audio Settings and Formats

Define audio data with these constants and classes.

Enabling USB Audio and MIDI for iOS

Set up your system to record digital audio from an iOS device and exchange MIDI data with it by enabling Inter-Device Audio and MIDI.