The roles of a set of audio channels.


class AVAudioChannelLayout : NSObject


This object is a thin wrapper for the AudioChannelLayout structure.


Creating an AVAudioChannelLayout Instance

init(layout: UnsafePointer<AudioChannelLayout>)

Initialize an audio channel layout object using an existing one.

init?(layoutTag: AudioChannelLayoutTag)

Initialize an audio channel layout object using a layout tag.

Getting Audio Channel Layout Properties

typealias AVAudioChannelCount

A number of audio channels.

var channelCount: AVAudioChannelCount

The number of channels of audio data.

var layout: UnsafePointer<AudioChannelLayout>

The underlying audio channel layout.

var layoutTag: AudioChannelLayoutTag

The audio channel’s underlying layout tag.

func isEqual(Any) -> Bool

Determines whether another audio channel layout is exactly equal to this layout.


Inherits From

See Also


class AVAudioFormat

A class that represents a buffer of audio data with a format.

let AVChannelLayoutKey: String

The corresponding value is an NSData object containing an AudioChannelLayout structure.

Linear PCM Format Settings

Apply audio settings to linear PCM audio formats.

General Audio Format Settings

Audio settings that apply to all audio formats handled by the AVAudioPlayer and AVAudioRecorder classes.