A subclass of AVAudioBuffer for use with compressed audio formats.


class AVAudioCompressedBuffer : AVAudioBuffer


Creating an Audio Buffer

init(format: AVAudioFormat, packetCapacity: AVAudioPacketCount)

Initializes a buffer for compressed audio data.

init(format: AVAudioFormat, packetCapacity: AVAudioPacketCount, maximumPacketSize: Int)

Initializes a buffer with constant bytes per packet for compressed audio data.

Getting Audio Buffer Properties

var byteCapacity: UInt32

The buffer's capacity, in bytes.

var byteLength: UInt32

The number of valid bytes in the buffer.

var data: UnsafeMutableRawPointer

The buffer's data bytes.

var maximumPacketSize: Int

The maximum size, in bytes, of a compressed packet.

var packetCapacity: AVAudioPacketCount

The number of compressed packets the buffer can contain.

var packetCount: AVAudioPacketCount

The number of compressed packets in the buffer.

typealias AVAudioPacketCount

A number of packets of compressed audio data.


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Specialized Audio Buffers

class AVAudioPCMBuffer

A subclass of AVAudioBuffer, for use with PCM audio formats.

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