Instance Property


An array of integers indicating from which input to derive each output.


var channelMap: [NSNumber] { get set }


The array size equals the number of output channels. Each element's value is the input channel number, starting with zero, that is to be copied to that output.

A negative value means that the output channel will have no source and will be silent.

Setting a channel map overrides channel mapping due to any channel layouts in the input and output formats that may have been supplied.

See Also

Getting Audio Converter Properties

var dither: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether dither is on.

var downmix: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the channels will be mixed instead of remapped.

var inputFormat: AVAudioFormat

The format of the input audio stream.

var outputFormat: AVAudioFormat

The format of the output audio stream.

var magicCookie: Data?

An object that contains metadata required by encoders and decoders.

var maximumOutputPacketSize: Int

The maximum size of an output packet, in bytes.