Instance Method


Sets the engine to operate in manual rendering mode with the specified render format and maximum frame count.


func enableManualRenderingMode(_ mode: AVAudioEngineManualRenderingMode, format pcmFormat: AVAudioFormat, maximumFrameCount: AVAudioFrameCount) throws


Use this method to configure the engine to render in response to requests from the client. You must stop the engine before calling this method. The render format must be a PCM format and match the format of the rendering buffer.

The input data in manual rendering mode can be supplied through the source nodes. See AVAudioPlayerNode and AVAudioInputNode.

See Also

Manually Rendering an Audio Engine

func disableManualRenderingMode()

Sets the engine to render to or from an audio device.

func renderOffline(AVAudioFrameCount, to: AVAudioPCMBuffer) -> AVAudioEngineManualRenderingStatus

Makes a render call to the engine operating in the offline manual rendering mode.