Instance Property


The listener's angular orientation in the environment.


var listenerAngularOrientation: AVAudio3DAngularOrientation { get set }


All angles are specified in degrees.

The default orientation is with the listener looking directly along the negative z-axis (forward). This orientation has a yaw of 0.0 degrees, a pitch of 0.0 degrees, and a roll of 0.0 degrees.

Changing this property results in a corresponding change in the listenerVectorOrientation property.

See Also

Getting and Setting Environment Parameters

var distanceAttenuationParameters: AVAudioEnvironmentDistanceAttenuationParameters

The distance attenuation parameters for the environment.

var listenerVectorOrientation: AVAudio3DVectorOrientation

The listener's vector orientation in the environment.

var listenerPosition: AVAudio3DPoint

The listener's position in the 3D environment.

var reverbParameters: AVAudioEnvironmentReverbParameters

The reverb parameters for the environment.

var outputVolume: Float

The mixer's output volume.