Instance Method


Creates an audio file and prepares the system for recording.


- (BOOL)prepareToRecord;

Return Value

YES if successful, otherwise NO.


Creates an audio file at the location specified by the url parameter in the initWithURL:settings:error: method. If a file already exists at that location, this method overwrites it.

The preparation invoked by this method takes place automatically when you call record. Use prepareToRecord when you want recording to start as quickly as possible upon calling record.

See Also

Configuring and Controlling Recording

- record

Starts or resumes recording.

- recordAtTime:

Starts recording at a specific time.

- recordForDuration:

Records for a specified duration of time.

- recordAtTime:forDuration:

Starts recording at a specified time for a specified duration of time.

- pause

Pauses a recording.

- stop

Stops recording and closes the audio file.


The delegate object for the audio recorder.


The delegate of an audio recorder object.

- deleteRecording

Deletes a recorded audio file.