Instance Property


The current playback position, in seconds.


var currentPositionInSeconds: TimeInterval { get set }


This property positions the sequencer's player to the specified time. It can be set while the player is playing, in which case playback will resume at the new position.

See Also

Getting Sequence Properties

func data(withSMPTEResolution: Int, error: NSErrorPointer) -> Data

Returns a data object containing the events from the sequence.

var currentPositionInBeats: TimeInterval

The current playback position in beats.

var isPlaying: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether or not the sequencer's player is playing.

var rate: Float

The playback rate of the sequencer's player.

var tracks: [AVMusicTrack]

An array containing all the tracks in the sequence.

var userInfo: [String : Any]

A dictionary containing metadata derived from a sequence.