Instance Property


The mask of options associated with the current audio session category.


var categoryOptions: AVAudioSession.CategoryOptions { get }


Category options are used to tailor the behavior of the active audio session category. The values available for this property are described in AVAudioSession.CategoryOptions.


Data Types

struct AVAudioSession.CategoryOptions

Constants that specify optional audio behaviors. Each option is valid only with specific audio session categories.

See Also

Configuring the Audio Session

var category: AVAudioSession.Category

The current audio session category.

func setCategory(AVAudioSession.Category)

Sets the current audio session category.

func setCategory(AVAudioSession.Category, options: AVAudioSession.CategoryOptions)

Sets the audio session category with the specified options.

var availableCategories: [AVAudioSession.Category]

The audio session categories available on the current device.

var mode: AVAudioSession.Mode

The current audio session mode.

func setMode(AVAudioSession.Mode)

Sets the audio session mode.

var availableModes: [AVAudioSession.Mode]

The audio session modes available on the device.