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struct Port


Type Properties

static let HDMI: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to a device via the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) specification.

static let airPlay: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to a remote device over AirPlay.

static let bluetoothA2DP: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to a Bluetooth A2DP device.

static let bluetoothHFP: AVAudioSession.Port

Input or output on a Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile device.

static let bluetoothLE: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) peripheral.

static let builtInMic: AVAudioSession.Port

The built-in microphone on a device.

static let builtInReceiver: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to a speaker intended to be held near the ear.

static let builtInSpeaker: AVAudioSession.Port

Output to the device’s built-in speaker.

static let carAudio: AVAudioSession.Port

Input or output via Car Audio.

static let headsetMic: AVAudioSession.Port

A microphone that is built-in to a wired headset.

static let lineIn: AVAudioSession.Port

Line-level input from the dock connector.

static let lineOut: AVAudioSession.Port

Line-level output to the dock connector.

static let usbAudio: AVAudioSession.Port

Input or output on a Universal Serial Bus device.


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