Enumeration Case


An option that indicates whether audio from this session mixes with audio from active sessions in other audio apps.


AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionMixWithOthers = 0x1


You can set this option explicitly only if the audio session category is AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord, AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback, or AVAudioSessionCategoryMultiRoute. If you set the audio session category to AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient, the session automatically sets this option. Likewise, setting the AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionDuckOthers or AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionInterruptSpokenAudioAndMixWithOthers options also enables this option.

Clearing this option and then activating your session interrupts other audio sessions. If you set this option, your app mixes its audio with audio playing in background apps, such as the Music app.

See Also

Audio Session Options


An option that reduces the volume of other audio session while audio from this session plays.


An option that determines whether to pause spoken audio content from other sessions when your app plays its audio.


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