A channel description provides descriptive information about a hardware channel on the current device.


class AVAudioSessionChannelDescription : NSObject


You typically don't create instances of this class yourself, but can retrieve them from the AVAudioSessionPortDescription object used to reference the intended input or output port.


Getting the Channel Information

var channelName: String

The descriptive name for the channel.

var channelNumber: Int

The index of this channel in its owning port’s array of channels.

var owningPortUID: String

The unique identifier (UID) for this channel’s owning port.

var channelLabel: AudioChannelLabel

A description of the physical location of this channel.


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Supporting Types

class AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription

A description that defines a data source for an audio input or output, giving information such as the source’s name, location and orientation.

class AVAudioSessionPortDescription

Information about the capabilities of the port and the hardware channels it supports.

class AVAudioSessionRouteDescription

A route description manages the input and output ports associated with the current audio route for a session.