Instance Property


The set of directivity configurations supported by the data source.


var supportedPolarPatterns: [AVAudioSession.PolarPattern]? { get }


This property returns an array of one or more polar patterns, or nil if the data source doesn’t support directivity configuration. This feature is available only on the built-in microphone port for certain devices.

See Also

Configuring Microphone Directivity

var selectedPolarPattern: AVAudioSession.PolarPattern?

The directivity configuration currently in use by the data source.

var preferredPolarPattern: AVAudioSession.PolarPattern?

The preferred directivity configuration for the data source.

func setPreferredPolarPattern(AVAudioSession.PolarPattern?)

Selects the preferred directivity configuration for the data source.

struct AVAudioSession.PolarPattern

Constants that describe the possible polar patterns of the data source on an iOS device.

Data Source Polar Patterns

These values represent a data source’s available polar patterns.