Instance Property


The type of the port.


var portType: AVAudioSession.Port { get }


The value of this property can be any of the constants declared in Input Port Types, Output Port Types, or I/O Port Types.

See Also

Getting the Port Attributes

var portName: String

A descriptive name for the port.

struct AVAudioSession.Port

A structure that defines the available input and output port types.

var channels: [AVAudioSessionChannelDescription]?

An array of channel objects that describe the port’s input or output channels.

class AVAudioSessionChannelDescription

A class that describes a hardware channel on the current device.

var uid: String

A system-assigned unique identifier (UID) for the port.

var hasHardwareVoiceCallProcessing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the associated hardware port has built-in processing for two-way voice communication.