Instance Method


Sets the preferred audio data source for the port.


func setPreferredDataSource(_ dataSource: AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?) throws



The data source to use.

Return Value

true if a request was successfully made, otherwise false.


Call this method to request a change to the audio session’s preferred data source. To determine whether the change has taken effect, inspect the selectedDataSource property. (For details, see Configuring the Audio Session in the AVAudioSession class reference).

If the port is in use, changing this setting is likely to result in a route reconfiguration.

Set a preferred data source only after setting the audio session’s category and mode, and activating the session.

See Also

Managing a Port’s Data Sources

var dataSources: [AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription]?

The available data sources for the port.

var selectedDataSource: AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?

The currently selected audio data source for the port.

var preferredDataSource: AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?

The preferred audio data source for the port.