Information about the capabilities of the port and the hardware channels it supports.


class AVAudioSessionPortDescription : NSObject


A port description object describes a single input or output port associated with an audio route.

Examples of audio ports include a device’s built-in speaker, a microphone on a wired headset, and a Bluetooth device supporting the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).

You can use port descriptions with the shared AVAudioSession object:

For example, on a device with a wired headset attached, the audio session’s availableInputs array may contain two port descriptions: one for the headset microphone and one for the device’s built-in microphone. You can use the audio session’s setPreferredInput(_:) method to select the headset or built-in microphone for audio input.


Getting the Port Attributes

var portName: String

A descriptive name for the port.

var channels: [AVAudioSessionChannelDescription]?

An array of channel objects that describe the port’s input or output channels.

var uid: String

A system-assigned unique identifier (UID) for the port.

var hasHardwareVoiceCallProcessing: Bool

Indicates if the associated hardware port has built-in processing for two-way voice communication.

Managing a Port’s Data Sources

var dataSources: [AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription]?

The available data sources for the port.

var selectedDataSource: AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?

The currently selected audio data source for the port.

var preferredDataSource: AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?

The preferred audio data source for the port.

func setPreferredDataSource(AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription?)

Sets the preferred audio data source for the port.


Input Port Types

Port types used for audio input.

Output Port Types

Port types used for audio output.

I/O Port Types

Port types that can be used for either audio input or output.


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Supporting Types

class AVAudioSessionChannelDescription

A channel description provides descriptive information about a hardware channel on the current device.

class AVAudioSessionDataSourceDescription

A description that defines a data source for an audio input or output, giving information such as the source’s name, location and orientation.

class AVAudioSessionRouteDescription

A route description manages the input and output ports associated with the current audio route for a session.

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