A subclass of the audio node class that, depending on the type of the audio unit, processes audio either in real time or non-real time.


class AVAudioUnit : AVAudioNode


Getting the Core Audio Audio Unit

var audioUnit: AudioUnit

The underlying Core Audio audio unit.

Loading an Audio Preset File

func loadPreset(at: URL)

Load an audio unit preset.

Creating an Audio Unit Component

Getting Audio Unit Values

var audioComponentDescription: AudioComponentDescription

The audio compression description of the underlying Core Audio audio unit.

var manufacturerName: String

The name of the manufacturer of the audio unit

var name: String

The name of the audio unit.

var version: Int

The version number of the audio unit.

var auAudioUnit: AUAudioUnit

An AUAudioUnit class wrapping or underlying the implementation's AudioUnit.


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See Also

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class AVAudioEngine

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