An object that provides a way to search and query audio components that are registered with the system.


class AVAudioUnitComponentManager : NSObject


The component manager has methods to find various information about the audio components without opening them. Currently, only audio components that are audio units can be searched.

The class also supports predefined system tags and arbitrary user tags. Each audio unit can be tagged as part of its definition. AudioUnit Hosts such as Logic or GarageBand can present groupings of audio units based on the tags.

Searching for audio units can be done in various ways:

  • Using a NSPredicate instance that contains search strings for tags or descriptions

  • Using a block to match on a custom criteria

  • Using an AudioComponentDescription


Getting the Unit Audio Component Manager

class func shared() -> Self

Returns the shared component manager.

Getting Matching Audio Components

func components(matching: AudioComponentDescription) -> [AVAudioUnitComponent]

An array of audio component objects that matches the description.

func components(matching: NSPredicate) -> [AVAudioUnitComponent]

An array of audio component objects that matches the search predicate.

Getting Audio Unit Tags

var standardLocalizedTagNames: [String]

An array of the localized standard system tags defined by the audio units.

var tagNames: [String]

An array of all tags associated with the current user, as well as all system tags defined by the audio units.


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Audio Helpers

class AVAudioConverter

A class that converts streams of audio between various formats.

typealias AVAudioConverterInputBlock

A block to get input data as needed, for conversion.

class AVAudioUnitComponent

A class that provides details about an audio unit such as: type, subtype, manufacturer, and location.