The AVAudioUnitEQFilterParameters class encapsulates the parameters used by an AVAudioUnitEQ instance.


class AVAudioUnitEQFilterParameters : NSObject



Getting and Setting EQ Filter Parameters

var bandwidth: Float

The bandwidth of the EQ filter, in octaves.

var bypass: Bool

The bypass state of the EQ filter band.

var frequency: Float

The frequency of the EQ filter, in hertz.

var gain: Float

The gain of the EQ filter, in decibels.


enum AVAudioUnitEQFilterType

Filter types available to use with the filterType property.


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Getting and Setting the EQ Audio Unit Values

var bands: [AVAudioUnitEQFilterParameters]

An array of AVAudioUnitEQFilterParameters objects.

var globalGain: Float

The overall gain adjustment applied to the signal, in decibels.

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