An audio unit subclass that generates audio output.


class AVAudioUnitGenerator : AVAudioUnit


An AVAudioUnitGenerator represents an AudioUnit of type kAudioUnitType_Generator or kAudioUnitType_RemoteGenerator. A generator will have no audio input, but will produce audio output. An example is a tone generator.


Creating an Audio Unit Generator

init(audioComponentDescription: AudioComponentDescription)

Initializes a newly allocated AVAudioUnitGenerator instance.

Getting and Setting the Bypass Status

var bypass: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the audio unit's bypass state is enabled.


Inherits From

See Also

Source Node Types

class AVAudioInputNode

A node that connects to the system's audio input.

class AVAudioIONode

The base class for nodes that connect to the system's audio input or output.

typealias AVAudioIONodeInputBlock

A block to get input data when called by a render operation in the manual rendering mode.

typealias AVAudioNodeCompletionHandler

A general callback handler.

typealias AVAudioPlayerNodeCompletionHandler

The callback handler for buffer or file completion.

class AVAudioPlayerNode

A class that plays buffers or segments of audio files.

class AVAudioUnitMIDIInstrument

An abstract class representing music devices or remote instruments.

class AVAudioUnitSampler

A class that encapsulates Apple's Sampler Audio Unit.

class AVAudioSequencer

A collection of MIDI events organized into multiple music tracks, plus a player to play back the events.