A class that provides good-quality playback rate and pitch shifting independently of each other.


class AVAudioUnitTimePitch : AVAudioUnitTimeEffect


Getting and Setting Time Pitch Values

var overlap: Float

The amount of overlap between segments of the input audio signal.

var pitch: Float

The amount by which the input signal is pitch shifted.

var rate: Float

The playback rate of the input signal.


Conforms To

See Also


class AVAudioUnitReverb

A class that implements a reverb effect.

class AVAudioUnitTimeEffect

A class that processes audio in non-real time.

class AVAudioUnitVarispeed

A class that allows control of the playback rate.

class AVAudioUnitEffect

A class that processes audio in real time.

class AVAudioUnitDelay

A class that implements a delay effect.

class AVAudioUnitDistortion

A class that implements a multistage distortion effect.

class AVAudioUnitEQ

A class that implements a multiband equalizer.

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