Instance Property


A matrix relating a camera's position and orientation to a world or scene coordinate system.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) matrix_float4x3 extrinsicMatrix;


The extrinsic matrix consists of a unitless 3 x 3 rotation matrix (R) on the left and a 3 x 1 column vector translation (t) on the right. The translation vector's units are millimeters.

The camera's pose is expressed with respect to a reference camera (camera-to-world view). If the rotation matrix is an identity matrix, then this camera is the reference camera. (Note that a matrix_float4x3 matrix is column major with 3 rows and 4 columns.)

See Also

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A matrix relating a camera's internal properties to an ideal pinhole-camera model.


The image dimensions to which the camera's intrinsic matrix values are relative.


The size, in millimeters, of one image pixel.