Information about the camera characteristics used to capture images and depth data.


class AVCameraCalibrationData : NSObject


Information about the calibration of a camera—such as its pixel focal length, principal point, and lens distortion characteristics—helps to determine the geometric relationships between the camera device and the images it captures. You can use this information to accurately render visual effects into images produced by a camera or perform computer vision tasks such as correcting images for geometric distortions.


Mapping Pixels to Scene Geometry

var intrinsicMatrix: matrix_float3x3

A matrix relating a camera's internal properties to an ideal pinhole-camera model.

var intrinsicMatrixReferenceDimensions: CGSize

The image dimensions to which the camera's intrinsic matrix values are relative.

var extrinsicMatrix: matrix_float4x3

A matrix relating a camera's position and orientation to a world or scene coordinate system.

var pixelSize: Float

The size, in millimeters, of one image pixel.

Correcting for Lens Distortion

var lensDistortionLookupTable: Data?

A map of floating-point values describing radial distortions imparted by the camera lens, for use in rectifying camera images.

var inverseLensDistortionLookupTable: Data?

A map of floating-point values describing radial distortions for use in reapplying camera geometry to a rectified image.

var lensDistortionCenter: CGPoint

The offset of the distortion center of the camera lens from the top-left corner of the image.


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Using Calibration Data

var cameraCalibrationData: AVCameraCalibrationData?

The imaging parameters with which this depth data was captured.