An object that monitors average and peak power levels for an audio channel in a capture connection.


class AVCaptureAudioChannel : NSObject


You do not create AVCaptureAudioChannel instance directly. Instead, an AVCaptureConnection object that connects an input producing audio to an output receiving audio exposes an array of AVCaptureAudioChannel objects, one for each channel of audio available. You can poll for audio levels by iterating through these audio channel objects.


Accessing Power Levels

var averagePowerLevel: Float

The instantaneous average power level, in dB.

var peakHoldLevel: Float

The peak hold power level, in dB.

var volume: Float

The current volume (gain) of the channel.

Managing Enabled State

var isEnabled: Bool

Indicates whether the channel is currently enabled for data capture.


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See Also

Session Configuration

class AVCaptureInput

The abstract superclass for objects that provide input data to a capture session.

class AVCaptureOutput

The abstract superclass for objects that output the media recorded in a capture session.

class AVCaptureConnection

A connection between a specific pair of capture input and capture output objects in a capture session.