Instance Property


The stabilization mode currently active for the connection.


var activeVideoStabilizationMode: AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode { get }


This property applies only to capture connections involving video. On devices where the video stabilization feature is supported, only a subset of available source formats may be stabilized. This property’s value is never; instead, the property indicates explicitly whether stabilization is or is not currently in use.

You can monitor this property using Key-value observing if you want to detect when video stabilization is being applied to the video data.

See Also

Managing the Video Stabilization Settings

var isVideoStabilizationSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether this connection supports video stabilization.

var preferredVideoStabilizationMode: AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode

The stabilization mode most appropriate for use with the connection.

var isVideoStabilizationEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether video stabilization is active for the connection.

var enablesVideoStabilizationWhenAvailable: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the system should enable video stabilization when it is available.