Instance Property


A Boolean value that specifies whether to configure the capture pipeline for delivery of camera intrinsics information.


@property(nonatomic, getter=isCameraIntrinsicMatrixDeliveryEnabled) BOOL cameraIntrinsicMatrixDeliveryEnabled;


Camera intrinsics describe the current imaging parameters of a capture device in ways that can be useful for rendering overlays or performing computer vision tasks. If this property is YES, any AVCaptureVideoDataOutput object in this connection includes the kCMSampleBufferAttachmentKey_CameraIntrinsicMatrix attachment in all sample buffers it vends. The default value of this property is NO.

You can set this property to YES only if the cameraIntrinsicMatrixDeliverySupported property is YES (which requires a capture connection involving video). You can change this property's value only before calling the AVCaptureSession startRunning method.

See Also

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A Boolean value indicating whether the capture connection currently supports delivery of camera intrinsics information.