Instance Method


Designates a delegate object to receive synchronized data and a dispatch queue for delivering that data.


- (void)setDelegate:(id<AVCaptureDataOutputSynchronizerDelegate>)delegate queue:(dispatch_queue_t)delegateCallbackQueue;



A delegate object to receive synchronized data.


The dispatch queue on which to call delegate methods. This parameter must be a serial dispatch queue to guarantee that captured data is delivered in order.


The data output synchronizer gathers data from its data outputs, and when it determines that all data has been received for a given timestamp, it vends collections of synchronized data by calling delegate methods on the specified dispatch queue.

The AVCaptureDataOutputSynchronizer class overrides all the data outputs' own delegates and callbacks. Data outputs under the control of a data output synchronizer do not fire delegate callbacks. Delegate callbacks are restored to individual data outputs only if you clear the synchronizer's delegate and callback queue by calling this method and passing nil for both parameters.

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