A capture output that records scene depth information on compatible camera devices.


class AVCaptureDepthDataOutput : AVCaptureOutput


This out captures AVDepthData objects containing per-pixel depth or disparity information, following a streaming delivery model similar to that used by AVCaptureVideoDataOutput. Alternatively, you can capture depth data alongside photos using AVCapturePhotoOutput (see the AVCapturePhotoSettings isDepthDataDeliveryEnabled property).

A depth data output always provides depth data in the format expressed by the source AVCaptureDevice object’s activeDepthDataFormat property. If you wish to receive depth data in another format, choose a new value for that property from those listed in the supportedDepthDataFormats array of the device's activeFormat object.


Creating a Depth Data Output


Initializes a depth data output object.

Configuring Depth Data Capture

var alwaysDiscardsLateDepthData: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the capture output should discard any depth data that is not processed before the next depth data is captured.

var isFilteringEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the depth data output should filter depth data to smooth out noise and fill invalid values.

Receiving Captured Depth Data

func setDelegate(AVCaptureDepthDataOutputDelegate?, callbackQueue: DispatchQueue?)

Designates a delegate object to receive depth data and a dispatch queue for delivering that data.

var delegate: AVCaptureDepthDataOutputDelegate?

A delegate object that receives depth data.

var delegateCallbackQueue: DispatchQueue?

A dispatch queue for delivering depth data.

protocol AVCaptureDepthDataOutputDelegate

Methods for receiving depth data produced by a depth capture output.


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class AVDepthData

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