Instance Property


An array of AVCaptureDevice objects representing the devices physically linked to the receiver.


var linkedDevices: [AVCaptureDevice] { get }


The value of this property is an array of AVCaptureDevice objects that are a part of the same physical device as the receiver. For example, for an external iSight camera, the array contains an AVCaptureDevice instance representing the external iSight microphone.

See Also

Configuring the Device

func lockForConfiguration()

Requests exclusive access to the device’s hardware properties.

func unlockForConfiguration()

Relinquishes exclusive control over the device’s configuration.

var isInUseByAnotherApplication: Bool

Indicates whether the device is being used exclusively by another application.

var isSuspended: Bool

Indicates whether the device is suspended.

var transportType: Int32

The transport type of the receiver.

class AVCaptureDevice.InputSource

A distinct input source on a capture device.

var inputSources: [AVCaptureDevice.InputSource]

An array of AVCaptureDevice.InputSource objects representing the input sources supported by the device.

var activeInputSource: AVCaptureDevice.InputSource?

The currently active input source.