Instance Property


The exposure mode for the device.


@property(nonatomic) AVCaptureExposureMode exposureMode;


Before changing the value of this property, you must call lockForConfiguration: to acquire exclusive access to the device’s configuration properties. Otherwise, setting the value of this property raises an exception. When you are done configuring the device, call unlockForConfiguration to release the lock and allow other devices to configure the settings.

You can observe changes to the value of this property using Key-value observing.

See AVCaptureExposureMode for possible values.

See Also

Managing Exposure Settings


Indicates whether the device is currently adjusting its exposure setting.

- isExposureModeSupported:

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the given exposure mode is supported.


The point of interest for exposure.


Indicates whether the device supports a point of interest for exposure.


Constants to specify the exposure mode of a capture device.