Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether the capture device should automatically switch to low light boost mode when necessary.


@property(nonatomic) BOOL automaticallyEnablesLowLightBoostWhenAvailable;


On an AVCaptureDevice object where lowLightBoostSupported is YES, a special low light boost mode may be engaged to improve image quality. When the automaticallyEnablesLowLightBoostWhenAvailable property is set to YES, the capture device switches at its discretion to a special boost mode under low light. When the scene becomes sufficiently lit, the device switches back to normal operation. An AVCaptureDevice that supports this feature may only engage boost mode for certain source formats or resolutions.

The default value of this property is NO. Setting this property throws an NSInvalidArgumentException if lowLightBoostSupported is NO. The AVCaptureDevice object must be locked for configuration using lockForConfiguration: before clients can set this method, otherwise an NSGenericException is thrown.

Clients may observe changes to the lowLightBoostEnabled property using Key-value observing to know when the boost mode engages. The switch between normal operation and low light boost mode may drop one or more video frames.

See Also

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