Type Method


Returns a constant indicating whether the app has permission for recording a specified media type.


+ (AVAuthorizationStatus)authorizationStatusForMediaType:(AVMediaType)mediaType;



A media type constant, either AVMediaTypeVideo or AVMediaTypeAudio.

Return Value

A constant indicating authorization status.


Recording audio or video always requires explicit permission from the user. The first time you create any AVCaptureDeviceInput objects for a media type that requires permission, the system automatically displays an alert to request recording permission.

After the user grants recording permission, the system remembers the choice for future use in the same app, but the user can change this choice at any time using the Settings app. If the user has denied your app recording permission or has not yet responded to the permission prompt, any audio recordings will contain only silence and any video recordings will contain only black frames.

If this method returns AVAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined, you can call requestAccessForMediaType:completionHandler: to prompt the user for recording permission.

Calling this method with any media type other than AVMediaTypeVideo or AVMediaTypeAudio raises an exception.

See Also

Verifying Authorization

+ requestAccessForMediaType:completionHandler:

Requests the user’s permission, if needed, for recording a specified media type.


Constants that provide information regarding permission to use media capture devices.