Instance Property


The video zoom factor at which a dual camera device can automatically switch between cameras.


@property(atomic, readonly) CGFloat dualCameraSwitchOverVideoZoomFactor;


A dual camera device (see AVCaptureDeviceTypeBuiltInDualCamera) contains both wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

This property’s value is the zoom factor at which the zoomed field of view from the wide-angle camera matches the full field of view from the telephoto camera. When the videoZoomFactor setting meets or exceeds this value, the device can automatically chooses which camera provides output imagery (or automatically combine imagery from both to create final output) based on scene conditions. For zoom factors below this value, the device always uses imagery from the wide-angle camera.

On a single-camera device, this value is always 1.0.

See Also

Managing Zoom Settings


A value that controls the cropping and enlargement of images captured by the device.


The minimum zoom factor allowed in the current capture configuration.


The maximum zoom factor allowed in the current capture configuration.

- rampToVideoZoomFactor:withRate:

Begins a smooth transition from the current zoom factor to another.


A Boolean value that indicates whether a zoom transition is in progress.

- cancelVideoZoomRamp

Smoothly ends a zoom transition in progress.


An array of video zoom factors at or above which a virtual device, such as the dual camera, may switch to its next constituent device.