Instance Property


The minimum frame duration of depth data.


var activeDepthDataMinFrameDuration: CMTime { get set }


This property allows you to set the maximum depth frame rate of your capture device. Set the property as a duration, not a rate, by calling CMTimeMake(1, yourDesiredFrameRate).

Depth can be delivered only as an even fraction of the video frame rate. By setting a maximum depth frame rate, you ensure that the depth rate doesn’t climb above a certain threshold. For instance, if you need only intermittent depth data buffers, at a maximum of 10 fps, you can set activeDepthDataMinFrameDuration to CMTimeMake(1, 10). If you’re using a high fps video format, such as the 720p60 format that supports depth, you can get video at a high rate of 60 and still get depth at the low rate of 10.

See Also

Managing Depth Data Settings

var activeDepthDataFormat: AVCaptureDevice.Format?

The currently active depth data format of the capture device.