Constants to specify the exposure mode of a capture device.


enum ExposureMode : Int



case locked

The exposure setting is locked.

case autoExpose

The device automatically adjusts the exposure once and then changes the exposure mode to AVCaptureDevice.ExposureMode.locked.

case continuousAutoExposure

The device continuously monitors exposure levels and auto exposes when necessary.

case custom

The device should only adjust exposure according to user provided iso and exposureDuration property values.

See Also

Managing Exposure Settings

var isAdjustingExposure: Bool

Indicates whether the device is currently adjusting its exposure setting.

var exposureMode: AVCaptureDevice.ExposureMode

The exposure mode for the device.

func isExposureModeSupported(AVCaptureDevice.ExposureMode) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the given exposure mode is supported.

var exposurePointOfInterest: CGPoint

The point of interest for exposure.

var isExposurePointOfInterestSupported: Bool

Indicates whether the device supports a point of interest for exposure.