Instance Method


A Boolean value that indicates whether the format supports a given video stabilization mode.


func isVideoStabilizationModeSupported(_ videoStabilizationMode: AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode) -> Bool



The AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode to be tested.

Return Value

true if video stabilization is supported; otherwise, false.


The return value indicates if the format can be stabilized using the mode specified by the AVCaptureConnection class’s setPreferredVideoStabilizationMode:.].

See Also

Examining Video Capture Attributes

var isVideoBinned: Bool

Indicates whether video data is produced in a binned format.

var isMultiCamSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether AVCaptureMultiCamSession supports this format.

var isHighestPhotoQualitySupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether this format supports the highest photo quality that the platform can deliver.

class AVFrameRateRange

An AVFrameRateRange object expresses a range of valid frame rates as minimum and maximum rate and minimum and maximum duration.

var videoSupportedFrameRateRanges: [AVFrameRateRange]

Indicates the format’s supported frame rate ranges.

enum AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode

Constants that describe the modes of video stabilization supported by the device's format.

var geometricDistortionCorrectedVideoFieldOfView: Float

The format’s horizontal field of view after correction for geometric distortion.

var isVideoStabilizationSupported: Bool

Indicates whether the device supports video stabilization.

var isGlobalToneMappingSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the format supports global tone mapping.