Instance Property


The highest resolution still image that can be produced by this format.


var highResolutionStillImageDimensions: CMVideoDimensions { get }


Normally, the AVCaptureStillImageOutput class emits images with the same dimensions as the source AVCaptureDevice instance’s activeFormat. However, if you set highResolutionStillImageOutputEnabled to true, AVCaptureStillImageOutput emits still images with its source AVCaptureDevice instance’s activeFormat.highResolutionStillImageDimensions dimensions.

See Also

Determining Supported Media Formats

var mediaType: AVMediaType

A constant describing the media type of an AVCaptureDevice active or supported format.

var formatDescription: CMFormatDescription

An object describing the capture format.

var isVideoHDRSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the format supports high dynamic range streaming.

var unsupportedCaptureOutputClasses: [AnyClass]

The list of AVCaptureOutput subclasses not allowed for capture with this format, if any.