Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether this format supports the highest photo quality that the platform can deliver.


var isHighestPhotoQualitySupported: Bool { get }


The simplest way to capture the highest quality photos is to set photo as your session’s preset. If you’re instead manually setting the capture device’s activeFormat value, select the format whose isHighestPhotoQualitySupported property is true.

See Also

Examining Video Capture Attributes

var isVideoBinned: Bool

Indicates whether video data is produced in a binned format.

var isMultiCamSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether AVCaptureMultiCamSession supports this format.

class AVFrameRateRange

An AVFrameRateRange object expresses a range of valid frame rates as minimum and maximum rate and minimum and maximum duration.

var videoSupportedFrameRateRanges: [AVFrameRateRange]

Indicates the format’s supported frame rate ranges.

enum AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode

Constants that describe the modes of video stabilization supported by the device's format.

func isVideoStabilizationModeSupported(AVCaptureVideoStabilizationMode) -> Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the format supports a given video stabilization mode.

var geometricDistortionCorrectedVideoFieldOfView: Float

The format’s horizontal field of view after correction for geometric distortion.

var isVideoStabilizationSupported: Bool

Indicates whether the device supports video stabilization.

var isGlobalToneMappingSupported: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the format supports global tone mapping.