Constants that indicate the status of optical image stabilization hardware during a bracketed photo capture.


enum LensStabilizationStatus : Int


Lens Stabilization Values

case unsupported

Lens stabilization is not available on the device or device configuration that captured this photo.

case off

Lens stabilization was not specified for this photo capture.

case active

Lens stabilization was active for the full duration of the photo capture.

case outOfRange

Lens stabilization was enabled for the photo capture, but device motion or capture duration exceeded the stabilization module’s correction limits.

case unavailable

Lens stabilization was temporarily unavailable during the photo capture.

See Also

Examining Bracketed Capture Information

var bracketSettings: AVCaptureBracketedStillImageSettings?

The variations available for bracketed capture settings for this photo.

var sequenceCount: Int

The 1-based index of this photo in a bracketed capture sequence.

var lensStabilizationStatus: AVCaptureDevice.LensStabilizationStatus

Information about the use of lens stabilization during bracketed photo capture.