Information about OS and hardware status affecting capture system performance and availability.


class SystemPressureState : NSObject


The performance and availability of the camera capture system on an iOS device is subject to several external factors, such as power usage and device temperature. If during a capture session the total system pressure reaches excessive levels, the capture system automatically shuts down, causing a session interruption (see AVCaptureSessionWasInterrupted). Under less heavy pressure, the system may automatically reduce capture quality.

To avoid such interruptions, use Key-value observing to monitor the capture device's systemPressureState property, and take action to reduce the performance impact of your capture session when system pressure increases—for example, by reducing the capture frame rate.


Overall Level

var level: AVCaptureDevice.SystemPressureState.Level

The overall characterization of capture system performance constraints.

struct AVCaptureDevice.SystemPressureState.Level

A structure to represent the system pressure level.

Contributing Factors

var factors: AVCaptureDevice.SystemPressureState.Factors

The set of underlying causes for the system pressure level.

struct AVCaptureDevice.SystemPressureState.Factors

A set of factors affecting capture system performance.


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Managing System Pressure Changes

var systemPressureState: AVCaptureDevice.SystemPressureState

The current of OS and hardware status affecting capture system performance and availability.

let AVCaptureSessionInterruptionSystemPressureStateKey: String

The key for retrieving information about system pressure factors that caused a capture session interruption.