Instance Property


A Boolean indicating whether the input enables unified auto-exposure defaults.


var unifiedAutoExposureDefaultsEnabled: Bool { get set }


You may set a capture device’s activeFormat in two different ways:

  1. You set it directly using one of the formats in the device’s formats property.

  2. The capture session sets it on your behalf when you set its sessionPreset property.

Depending on the device and format, you may configure the default auto exposure behavior differently when you use one method or the other, resulting in non-uniform auto exposure behavior. Auto exposure defaults include minFrameRate, maxFrameRate, and maxExposureDuration. You can set this property to true to ensure that consistent default behaviors are applied to the device regardless of the approach used to set the activeFormat.

The default value for this property is false.

See Also

Setting Input Device Properties

var videoMinFrameDurationOverride: CMTime

A time value that acts as a modifier to a capture device’s activeVideoMinFrameDuration property.