A capture input that provides media from a capture device to a capture session.


class AVCaptureDeviceInput : AVCaptureInput


AVCaptureDeviceInput is a concrete subclass of AVCaptureInput that you use to capture data from an AVCaptureDevice object.


Creating an Input

init(device: AVCaptureDevice)

Initializes an input to use a specified device.

Accessing the Device

var device: AVCaptureDevice

The input’ associated capture device.

Setting Input Device Properties

var unifiedAutoExposureDefaultsEnabled: Bool

A Boolean indicating whether the input enables unified auto-exposure defaults.

var videoMinFrameDurationOverride: CMTime

A time value that acts as a modifier to a capture device’s activeVideoMinFrameDuration property.



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Capture Devices

Choosing a Capture Device

Select the front or back camera, or use advanced features like the TrueDepth camera or dual camera.

class AVCaptureDevice

A device that provides input (such as audio or video) for capture sessions and offers controls for hardware-specific capture features.

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