Global Variable


A device that consists of three cameras of fixed focal length, one ultrawide angle, one wide angle, and one telephoto.


const AVCaptureDeviceType AVCaptureDeviceTypeBuiltInTripleCamera;


The built-in triple camera supports the following features:

  • Automatic switching from one camera to another when zoom factor, light level, and focus position allow.

  • Delivery of photos from constituent devices (ultrawide angle, wide angle, and telephoto cameras) from a single photo capture request.

The built-in triple camera doesn’t support the following features:

Even when locked, exposure duration, ISO, aperture, white balance gains, or lens position may change when the device switches from one camera to another. However, the overall exposure, white balance, and focus position should be consistent.

See Also

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A combination of wide-angle and telephoto cameras that creates a capture device.


A device that consists of two cameras of fixed focal length, one ultrawide angle and one wide angle.


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A built-in camera device with a longer focal length than a wide-angle camera.


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An unknown external device type.