Instance Method


Pauses recording to the current output file.


- (void)pauseRecording;


This method causes the receiver to stop writing captured samples to the current output file returned by outputFileURL, but leaves the file open so that samples can be written to it in the future, if resumeRecording is called. This allows you to record multiple media segments that are not contiguous in time to a single file.

In macOS, if this method is called within the captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection: delegate method, the last samples written to the current file are guaranteed to be those that were output immediately before those in the sample buffer passed to that method.

See Also

Starting, Stopping, Pausing, and Resuming Playback

- startRecordingToOutputFileURL:recordingDelegate:

Starts recording media to the specified output URL.

- stopRecording

Tells the receiver to stop recording to the current file.

- resumeRecording

Resumes recording to the current output file after it was previously paused using pauseRecording.