Instance Property


The longest duration allowed for the recording.


var maxRecordedDuration: CMTime { get set }


This property specifies a hard limit on the duration of recorded files. Recording is stopped when the limit is reached and the fileOutput(_:didFinishRecordingTo:from:error:) delegate method is invoked with an appropriate error. The default value of this property is invalid, which indicates no limit.

See Also

Setting File Output Properties

var delegate: AVCaptureFileOutputDelegate?

The delegate object for the capture file output.

var maxRecordedFileSize: Int64

The maximum size, in bytes, of the data that should be recorded by the receiver.

var minFreeDiskSpaceLimit: Int64

The minimum amount of free space, in bytes, required for recording to continue on a given volume.

var outputFileURL: URL?

The URL to which output is directed.

var recordedDuration: CMTime

Indicates the duration of the media recorded to the current output file.

var recordedFileSize: Int64

Indicates the size, in bytes, of the data recorded to the current output file.

var isRecording: Bool

Indicates whether recording is in progress.

var isRecordingPaused: Bool

Indicates whether recording to the current output file is paused.